About Us

Design Thoughts was started in the year 2011 with the aim of providing customized solutions in the architecture field. The company has designed numerous small, medium and large residential and commercial buildings. The company serves different segments like residential, commercial, mixed use, hospitality to institutional. The company is highly known as a result of its high quality designed building. The company contributes in terms of technical know-how and bylaws to its stakeholders from pre-construction stage to the final-construction stage.

The company analyses the unique needs of each client and thereby provides customized solutions at an affordable price. The company is today growing from a small team to a big team. It has gained recognition from builders, individuals, associates and other stakeholders in the regional market.

The company has a customer centric team that goes that extra step to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Company Vision

  • To deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to residential and mixed-use projects
  • To gain recognition and goodwill in the Indian construction market


  • Design Thoughts staff provided that quick attention and an ease to work with that made the project a success not only to the builders and residents, but also to the contractors that participated.

  • Working with Design Thoughts was a pleasure. They balanced the architectural vision and project realities beautifully, with clarity of our priorities. The blend of personal style and understanding led to a beautiful, practical solution.

    - Mr. Subramani,Sanjana Builders

  • Its surely a pride and honor to be a client of ‘DESIGN THOUGHTS’ where Mr. Mahantesh and his team approaches each project with a unique combination of passion and practicality. I would recommend them to my friends and relatives.

    - Mr. Sharath,V Ventures

  • Thank you for all your professional help over a number of ideas and a successful project. I have always appreciated your support, advice and patience in taking the project forward and seeing it to its final conclusion.

    - Mr. Manu,Ittina Developers

  • We have found Mahantesh and his team to be competent, dedicated, experienced professionals. They are expert at developing and advancing strong alternatives while being sensitive to the need to work in a collaborative manner with ownership and the remainder of the project team. Thank you.

  • Mahantesh and his staff of talented architects have been a pleasure to work with. They work collaboratively with other consultants and general contractors to ensure that the vision and all objectives of the project are met.

    - Mr. Sandeep Kumar,TG Developers

  • I have had the opportunity to work with Design Thoughts and have been impressed with their ability to manage teams, careful attention to details, and passion for great design and architecture that lead to successful projects.

    - Mr. Murali,Sai Murali Builders

  • Design Thoughts has been the model architect for us. Their imagination, professional skill, sound practical sense, the ability to listen, great attention to detail, and a genuine flair for dealing with planners and managing builders, are virtues of a good company.

Company Mission

  • To deliver innovative, high quality, safe and reliable design solutions
  • To be the technical associate of projects worth of 50 crore or more in a year’s time
  • To collaborate with project management companies and architecture companies
  • To deliver multiple projects worth of ten crore or more in a year’s time
  • To be the technical partner in the construction sector of Karnataka and Maharashtra

Company Values

  • Teamwork and creativity
  • Innovation, quality and safety
  • Technical competency
  • Long term relationships with all stakeholders
  • Commitment and professional approach