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Mrs. Rekha’s Seamless Residential Interiors

Mrs. Rekha’s Seamless Residential Interiors

Project Type: Interiors

Location: Basaveshwara Nagara

Built-up Area: 4000 sqft

Project cost: 90 Lakhs

Ground Floor:

Living Room:

  • Dark furniture is widely known for bringing rich ambiance into any room. It also adds some warmth and depth to the spaces.
  • Darker colors give a space a sense of weight, and so a room full of darker furnishings can help give it a sense of magnitude. 

Kitchen Interior Design:

This setup uses a countertop to serve as a table while leaving a small open space underneath to store a few stools. The concept of an eat-in kitchen provides a place for families to spend precious moments together while preparing meals and doing homework and they encourage us to sit for a moment to eat rather than just grabbing and going.

Bedroom Design:

Bedroom seamless interior design
  • Contemporary design can be inviting and sleek if combined with the right textures, colors, and furniture. 
  • Wallpapers, though a relatively new concept in India, are gradually gaining popularity. It is a great option for those looking for longer-lasting bedroom interiors and who are open to experimentation.
  •  Bedroom wallpaper designs help you cover up flaws – cracks, dents, wall chips, and marks – on your existing walls. 

First Floor:

architectural floor plan


foyer design in living hall
  • The transitory way is the perfect spot to showcase your console table, an ornate mirror, the best painting, or delicate decors.
  • A warm and welcoming foyer area can create a bold first impression and sweep your visitors off their feet.

Living Interior Design:

living interior design in 30*50 residential house
  • The plain  fusion of the colors creates a great ambiance in the  living area
  • Keeping the furniture layout clutter-free helps in good transit space from moving from one space to another. The tint of whites on the couch and the Bold color on the wall and curtains add an elegant touch to the space.
  • The tv wall background being in light colors helps in creating a pleasant view.
  • Adding a wooden panel to break monotonous, will add a nice touch to the paneling.

Dining Hall Design:

dining hall design
  • Round Table with the supports of metal finish brings out the elegance of the space.
  • Turning around the piece in the middle helps in better user functionality.
  • A metal fabrication here works as a barrier between living and dining. and creates a transition space.

Puja Room Interior Design:

puja room interior design
  • Etched like a piece of art, this contemporary partition design juxtaposes aesthetics and functionality. 
  • It does justice to creating not just a commonplace partition design but rather works as its own ode to art.
  • Pooja is beside the dining area.

Second Floor:

second floor plan architecture design

Bedroom Design:

  • A tint of grey plays a major role with a contrasting brown wooden panel.
  • The elements like lights and tables bring a feel of modernism.

Children’s Bedroom Interior Design:

children's bedroom interior design
  • Two massive pendant lights, on either side of the bed, pull all these elements together creating good lighting for the entire space creating a good ambiance.
  • The use of color yellow brightens up the space and improves the user’s mood. 
  • Bharat Terrazzo tiles provide an elegant backdrop for this contemporary furnishings.

Library Design:

library design

Terrace Floor:

Master Bedroom Design:

master bedroom architecture design
  • The master bedroom with a modern bed adds elegance to the room and wardrobe with handleless doors to give a clean look and finish. 
  • The side tables on either side of the bed come with drawers and open shelves for you to keep your books and other knick-knacks
  • The Master bedroom on the terrace floor creates a sense of privacy with an outdoor terrace garden.

Terrace Garden:

terrace garden design in residential house in bangalore
  • Terrace Gardens contribute to a cooler environment by increasing air circulation.
  • When paired with landscape components, the usage of a wooden pergola creates a natural sense.