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Refreshing a Space with Natural Water

Refreshing a Space with Natural Water

Natural water evokes a feeling of calm, positivity, and renewed energy in a space. As one of the four elements of the Earth, Water brings purity and peace to a space invoking a sense of serenity to the people who live in the home. Here are some ways to enhance a space with the help of water bodies:

Backyard Ponds :

Fish ponds especially koi-fish ponds are the latest trends that are being followed in the construction of homes. Ponds also act as a natural reservoir due to their self-sustaining cycle of hydration that keeps plants alive without having to water them.

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Fountains :

It is said in the Vastu Shastras that flowing water in the fountain symbolizes the flow of money, happiness, and love. Keeping it in a home can bring good luck and positivity to a family. The calming sound of water trickling in a fountain can create a relaxing ambiance for space. Today, fountains come in a variety of shapes and styles which can aesthetically enhance a home. Home water fountains are easy to maintain, requiring a water refill every week or two and a deep, thorough cleaning every 4-6 months. Fountains can also be kept indoors.

There are three main types of indoor fountains: 

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* Wall Mounted Fountains :

These indoor water features are mounted to the wall and are often rectangular in shape, hanging either vertically or horizontally.

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* Free Standing Fountains :

Free-standing fountains are larger versions of the wall-mounted indoor fountains and come in a variety of materials and designs

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* Tabletop Fountains :

These tabletop indoor fountains are the smallest of the indoor fountain types as they are made to sit atop a counter, desk, or table.

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Water Walls :

Water walls are a sleek and sophisticated way to dress up your landscaping. With DIY features such as LED lighting, wooden frames etc, these have become a staple trend in the backyards of homes to upscale space and give it a posh look.

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Bamboo Fountain Basin :

Bamboos are a versatile material that makes excellent water conductors. Adapting the Japanese style, bamboo can be used in basins to give an earthy feel to a home. They are sustainable, simple, and multifaceted to use in a home.

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Water bodies are one of the vital ways to landscape a garden inside or outside a home. They are functional, attractive, and easily maintained in their natural surroundings. They can bring balance, harmony, and peace to space. It is definitely recommended to add it to a home.

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